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2024 Fireworks Season is HERE!

This site is only for residents of Eagle Creek

9th Annual Neighborhood Group Buy
Orders and Payment Due by June 9th

How does this work?

For the past couple of years, a group of neighbors in Eagle Creek have all pulled our money to purchase fireworks at wholesale costs.

Because we have to buy wholesale means, I have to buy in volume and by the case.  This is also why I do not have a selection like the fireworks stand.

For 2024 our minimum purchase amount is $6,000.

If we do not get enough orders, I will reimburse everyone so they can go purchase at the tents.
But this has only happened once due to the dark times of Covid. 😉

When are orders due?

You must complete all orders and pay for your fireworks with cash by June 9th.

You will get an email after you place your order with instructions on how to pay.

How do I pay? And can I pay with a Credit Card?

You will get an email after you place your order on how to pay in Cash.

Since I do not run this as a business I do not factor personal income tax or transaction fees into the prices.

Most importantly if you don’t pay ahead of time I do not order your fireworks.  In the past, a couple of people have ordered and I covered them until I gave them the fireworks.  The only problem is they never came to get the fireworks.  Which made me spend an extra thousand that I was not planning on.

What about Taxes and Shipping Costs?

All prices on the site include sales taxes and my best guess on shipping costs. 

Shipping costs are tricky because the USPS doesn’t like someone shipping explosives through the mail.  Therefore I have our order shipped through a freight company which has extra hazmat licenses on their CDL.

In other words, it cost more money to ship explosives.

Where and When do I get my fireworks?

I will be submitting my order in mid June  (You still have to pay by the June 9th) and will have a better idea of when I can get the order delivered.

If all goes to plan I’m going to attempt to have the fireworks delivered to your door by June 20th ~ 21st. 
However since we are sales tax sales, commercial orders get first priority and we may get bumped closer to the end of June.

If nobody is going to be home let me know in advance and we can see if we can set up another way to get your fireworks.

Can I share this with my friends?

This group purchase is only for Eagle Creek residents.

However, if you show this to a friend and they want to order some stuff, please add their items to your order.  You will be responsible for collecting their money and paying for the total order.  All items will be delivered to your house.

Remember if you don’t pay on time I will not order your fireworks.

I don't see some things I ordered last year...

We all know the shipping disruptions from China have been hitting hard.  Fireworks are not an exclusion.  Therefor some things have gone out of stock or just not made it to the US for this season.  


I have other questions...
Then jump on our Facebook group and search for “Fireworks”.

More than likely that is how you heard about this and you can just send me (Trevor) a Private message or ask on the thread.